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Residents voice concerns over Bellevue’s re-zoning plan

Bellevue, Nebraska – Concerns and discussions about a recent Bellevue City Council decision have been raging in the city. For residents living near 19th Street and Wayne Avenue, a new re-zoning plan is causing a fair amount of distress.

In a decision that surprised many locals, the council greenlit a proposed re-zoning plan. The vote saw approval from the majority, with only two councilmembers dissenting. The go-ahead given by the council means that the area atop the hill near 19th & Wayne, previously home to the “College Apartments,” is set to undergo a significant transformation. The plan outlines the construction of four, five-story apartment buildings, which collectively would introduce approximately 168 new units to the area.

However, not everyone is thrilled with this upcoming change. Karen Albers, a local resident, is vocal about her reservations regarding the new project. Her primary concerns encompass issues of privacy, safety, potential drainage problems, and most importantly, overcrowding in the neighborhood. Albers pointedly remarked, “Just because it’s new doesn’t take away the fact that overcrowding is overcrowding. Yes, mathematically so many units can go in that area but just because it can doesn’t mean it should.”

A significant part of Albers’ apprehension stems from the project’s proximity to her residence. With her backyard directly adjoining the site, she fears the looming five-story structures would compromise the privacy of her home. “So we’re very concerned with all the damage to us,” she expressed. “We’re concerned that these five-story buildings, they’re going to be able to look right into our properties.”

With such concerns raised, it remains to be seen how the Bellevue City Council and developers will address and alleviate the worries of the local community.

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