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Bold burglary in Bellevue sparks concerns over security measures, police seek public’s assistance in identifying suspect

Bellevue, Nebraska – In a quiet Bellevue neighborhood, a brazen burglary unfolded, painting a stark picture of the audacity of modern-day criminals. A man, disguised as a service worker, pulled his pickup in front of a suburban home, making his way to the front door while harboring illicit intentions.

He knocked, not once but twice, ensuring that the residents were away and the coast was clear for his surreptitious entry. Subsequently, he cleverly circumvented any face-to-face interactions by heading to the rear of the dwelling, where an unlocked bedroom window became his unguarded gateway to potential loot.

“It appears that he knew where the safe was and probably what was in it and he just went straight away to it,” revealed Bellevue Police Capt. Tim Melvin, indicating a possible leak of information or prior acquaintance with the residence’s layout.

The safe, inconspicuously hidden beneath clothing in a closet, housed not only passports and social security cards but also two handguns valued collectively at $1,000. A Remington .45 caliber with a full clip and a loaded 9mm handgun now presumably circulate within the criminal underworld.

“We don’t know whose hands the guns are in or where they are right now, and we don’t want them to be used in any type of crime,” expressed a concerned Capt. Melvin, underscoring the increased danger posed by stolen firearms.

As the burglar smoothly exited, a neighbor’s security camera was keenly documenting each step. It chronicled his calm departure from behind the house, his walk across the yard, and his eventually heaving the pilfered safe into his parked pickup. Astoundingly, the video revealed the perpetrator operating under the oblivious gazes of passing pedestrians.

“We interviewed numerous people that were out and about and they didn’t notice anything suspicious,” said Capt. Melvin, underscoring the burglar’s alarming adeptness at blending into everyday scenes.

A Call for Enhanced Home Security

Bill Roach of Big Red Locksmiths urges residents to ponder deeply about their in-home security. The mere presence of a safe may no longer suffice in safeguarding valuables. “They should hide it in the closet and bolt it to the floor,” Roach advised. “Then it’s going to take longer and they’ll have to show up with crowbars and everything else to try to pry it off the floor.”

This instance of theft, executed flawlessly in a mere 12 minutes, serves as a warning to homeowners and a plea from authorities, who now seek the public’s assistance in identifying the suspected burglar. The Bellevue Police and Sarpy County Crimestoppers are encouraging anyone with potential leads to step forward, dialing 402-592-STOP with any pertinent information that could help trace the suspect or his pickup.

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