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Better Business Bureau expands its reach with the addition of Kansas City market

Omaha, Nebraska – The Better Business Bureau (BBB), based in Omaha, announced the inclusion of the Kansas City market into its service area, making it the fourth largest bureau in North America. This expansion marks a significant milestone in BBB’s illustrious journey of over two decades, during which it has emerged as one of the fastest-growing Bureaus in the international system.

BBB President & CEO Jim Hegarty expressed his enthusiasm over this growth, stating, “This is a historic moment for our organization and we are incredibly proud to meet it with the service-first mindset that we’ve relied upon for decades.” The confidence is palpable, with Hegarty affirming that the new inclusion will further bolster the rapport businesses and consumers share with BBB. A testament to the organization’s commitment and vision, the successful consolidation speaks volumes about the cohesive effort of both organizations’ boards.

Post this integration, BBB Midwest Plains is poised to cater to an impressive tally of nearly 12,000 Accredited Businesses, not to mention the millions of consumers sprawled across a five-state territory. But growth is not just about numbers. BBB is keen on enhancing the quality of its service as it expands. With an eye on efficiency and effectiveness, the organization has recalibrated its operations to ensure optimal support for businesses and consumers.

Jim Hegarty, with his wealth of experience having previously managed the Better Business Bureau Serving Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas Plains, and Southwest Iowa, is at the helm of this combined operation as President and CEO. While Omaha will serve as the headquarters, BBB is also fortifying its presence with a regional office in the Kansas City area. This is in addition to their existing offices in locales like Lincoln and Sioux Falls, SD.

BBB’s reputation as a nonprofit, business-supported entity stands tall. With an unwavering commitment to fostering fair and honest business practices, the organization has set exemplary standards. It’s noteworthy to mention that BBB offers its valuable services to consumers at no charge. For those seeking more insights into the organization or its services, visit

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