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Hazardous hole near elementary school in La Vista sparks concern among residents

La Vista, Nebraska – At La Vista West Elementary, students typically look forward to the end of their school day. However, an unexpected and potentially dangerous lesson awaited many of these youngsters as they left their premises. Right next to the school, a repair hole had sat exposed and seemingly forgotten on the sidewalk for over a month. The gaping hazard was left with a single flimsy caution tape as its only warning sign.

For students and other pedestrians, the hole presented a significant risk. Young minds driven by curiosity could easily be tempted to venture past the caution tape, unknowingly approaching the dangerous five-foot-deep cavity. The exposed pit revealed some kind of utility line and had been left unattended since the start of September.

Lori Rodr, a local daycare provider, mentioned her persistent advice to her students to steer clear of the dangerous spot. “She tells us to stay away from the hole,” shared one student. Lori further expressed her concerns, “It’s been that way for over a month. There’s a little tiny piece of caution tape around there and this is right next to a school. Look at all the kids walking by. It’s not safe.”

In a bid to protect the children she looks after, Rodr has taken to guiding eight of them through a neighbor’s yard to bypass the hazard. However, not every student has the same privilege, as several traverse the route unaccompanied.

Craig Rooker, a resident living in the vicinity, echoed Lori’s sentiments. “It’s super dangerous. It’s ridiculous after 30 days to just leave it like that. It’s not even roped off right.” With no information boards or warning signs in place, the local community has been left in the dark about the entity responsible for this negligence.

The presence of the hole, coupled with the dirt piled beside it, forced pedestrians, including school children, into a dilemma. They either had to step onto a bustling street or cross private front yards. This predicament meant they had to choose between potential danger and unintended trespassing.

However, upon being notified, 6 News took prompt action, reaching out to La Vista officials. While the city claimed to be unaware of the situation, their Public Works records revealed that the hole was the handiwork of CenturyLink, dug for repairs in early September. Thanks to 6 News’s timely intervention, the issue was resolved, with the hole being promptly filled thereafter.

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