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Papillion considers allowing golf cars for local transit

Papillion, Nebraska – Residents of Papillion may soon witness a unique sight on their local streets – golf cars! This potential shift is a part of the proposal to amend Chapter 190 of the Papillion Vehicles and Traffic Municipal Code.

City Councilman Tom Mumgaard is at the forefront of this proposal. He reveals that the roots of this suggestion stem from feedback from the community. Residents expressed a desire to move around within their localities without always having to rely on their regular cars, especially for shorter commutes.

The specifics of the proposal, however, ensure that not just any golf vehicle can be driven on the streets. For one, only streets with speed limits of 25 mph or less would permit the movement of these golf cars. Additionally, there’s an age stipulation: drivers must be a minimum of 20 years old.

However, Mumgaard was quick to clarify any potential misconceptions about the nature of these vehicles. “These cars, golf cars, have to have safety equipment,” he emphasized. “They have to have headlights, taillights, seatbelts, all those types of things, mirrors, turn signals. So it’s not just something you would borrow from the golf course and drive down the street.”

Further guidelines embedded in the proposal stress the importance of road safety and decorum. Golf cars would be strictly prohibited from being driven or parked on sidewalks. Moreover, certain major streets and commercial areas, including 72nd Street, Cornhusker Road, and the entirety of Shadow Lake Towne Center, would remain off-limits for these golf cars.

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