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Intoxicated woman arrested after breaking into a Bellevue home

Bellevue, Nebraska – A Bellevue family experienced a nightmare when Angela Marie Silva, a 41-year-old woman, allegedly broke into their home, creating a dangerous situation.

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This alarming event unfolded on Tuesday morning and quickly turned into a distressing ordeal for the homeowners and their children.

According to police reports, the homeowners were alerted to Silva’s presence through their doorbell camera. They witnessed an intoxicated Silva lingering in their front yard before making her way into the house. Once inside, she reportedly locked the door, entered the kitchen, and turned on the gas stove. This reckless act not only put herself at risk but also endangered the lives of the two children who were home alone at the time.

Upon arriving at the scene around 9 a.m., officers were met with a house beginning to fill with gas. In a swift response, police broke through the front door and successfully rescued the children, who fortunately were unharmed.

Following this incident, Silva was released from a hospital and subsequently booked into the Sarpy County Jail. She faces charges of burglary, criminal impersonation, and child abuse.

The investigation into this alarming home invasion and the motives behind Silva’s actions is still ongoing. As the community reels from this unsettling event, the quick response of the police in rescuing the children has been a silver lining in an otherwise distressing situation.

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