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Close look at current gas prices in Bellevue

Bellevue, Nebraska – Gas prices remain a perpetual concern for most individuals. As they fluctuate, it becomes imperative for everyone, from daily commuters to weekend wanderers, to stay informed and manage their budgets accordingly.

National and Local Trends

The national scenario presents a slight dip in prices over the past week. As reported by AAA, the national average price for a gallon of regular-grade gas stood at $3.663 on Wednesday, a decrease from $3.785 a week earlier.

Zooming into Nebraska, the average price of a gallon of gas was approximately $3.607 on Wednesday, experiencing a drop from the previous week’s $3.680. Bellevue, in particular, observed an even lower average at $3.451.

Bellevue Gas Price Breakdown

For residents and visitors in Bellevue, a more detailed snapshot of gas prices can be gleaned from the list below, courtesy of GasBuddy:

  • Casey’s at 2104 Pratt Ave: Regular at $3.24, Diesel at $4.05.
  • AAFES on Nelson Dr: Regular priced at $3.24.
  • AAFES at 902 Garland St Bldg 280: Regular at $3.24.
  • Casey’s on 7724 S 22nd St: Regular and Diesel both at $3.24 and $4.09 respectively.
  • Shell at 10209 S 25th St: Regular gas at $3.25 and Diesel at $4.05.
  • Cenex on 7613 S 36th St: Regular at $3.29.
  • Phillips 66 at 16550 US-75 S: Offering Regular, Midgrade, Premium, and Diesel at $3.29, $3.69, $4.09, and $4.19 respectively.
  • Kwik Shop at 602 Galvin Rd S: Prices range from $3.39 for Regular to $3.99 for Premium.
  • Casey’s on 3003 Samson Way: Regular at $3.39 and Premium at $4.24.
  • Baker’s at 801 Galvin Rd S: With a variety from $3.39 (Regular) to $4.24 (Diesel).

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