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Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial receives $2.5 million boost

Papillion, Nebraska – The Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial has received a much-needed financial boost. The state’s VA department has granted $2.5 million to the project, which aims to stand as a dedicated monument for the brave souls who served in the Vietnam War.

The construction of the memorial encountered a setback due to financial constraints. Earlier this year, the foundation’s president expressed concerns over a funding gap, revealing that the memorial was short of approximately $2.5 million. This shortage came about after the initial estimated cost of the project, which was $3.6 million, nearly doubled, escalating to $7.3 million.

This financial commitment by the state’s VA department fills this critical funding gap, ensuring that the memorial’s construction can move forward.

Once finished, this monument will hold a unique place in Nebraska’s history. It will be the state’s inaugural memorial singularly dedicated to Vietnam veterans. This tribute becomes even more poignant when considering that 396 Nebraskans tragically lost their lives during the Vietnam War. The memorial will stand as a lasting testament to their sacrifice and the undying gratitude of the state and its residents.

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