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Pay boost leads to a 10% rise in applicants for Nebraska State Troopers

Omaha, Nebraska – The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) is observing a positive trend in their recruitment efforts. In its latest round of hiring, which concluded on September 15, NSP reported a noteworthy growth in its applicant numbers.

Specifically, “240 applicants” threw their hat in the ring during the summer recruitment drive, a substantial increase from the “221 applicants” that had applied earlier in the year. This surge represents “an increase of around 10 percent.”

This increase in applications can be attributed to a decisive move by the state administration. In December 2022, following dialogues with the State Law Enforcement Bargaining Council, Gov. Jim Pillen sanctioned a significant pay raise for the troopers.

This “raise brought the hourly pay for NSP troopers from $24.57 per hour to $30 per hour.” Such an increment in remuneration not only underscores the state’s commitment to its law enforcement officers but also appears to be an effective strategy in attracting more individuals to serve in the force.

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