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Sarpy County residents voice concern over rising home values

Sarpy County, Nebraska – Members of the Sarpy County community are increasingly worried about escalating home values, even as tax rates have stayed consistent.

This concern took center stage in recent public meetings hosted in Bellevue, Gretna, and Sarpy County. These gatherings stem from the enactment of the 2021 ‘truth in taxation’ law, which is now facing scrutiny regarding its efficacy.

Residents from both Sarpy County and neighboring regions have voiced their struggles stemming from the soaring property values. A notable number of them grapple with managing their homes on a single income, which the high property valuations further strain. The pervasive apprehension is the potential exodus from the area if the property tax dilemma lingers unresolved.

Despite Bellevue Public Schools’ announcement of a minor reduction in the levy – a drop of three cents – the exasperation of homeowners persists. The underlying sentiment among many is clear: if property values persist in their upward trend, minor tweaks to the tax rate will be rendered moot.

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