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Sarpy County residents and officials say the area is already over-populated as they seek road infrastructure improvements to accommodate drivers

Sarpy County, Nebraska – Officials in Sarpy County and local residents stated that the area’s expansion has caused some road congestion and immediate actions are required.

The time has come, according to county engineer Dennis Wilson, to devise a plan to accommodate additional drivers.

Wilson stated, “We’ll need to find areas where we can construct an interchange.”

Together with the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA), the county, Papillion, and Gretna are working to enhance intersections and boost access to Interstate 80.

They are requesting public assistance. They seek comments on six intersections in Sarpy County.

Wilson added, “We’ll be able to receive some feedback from those who can come, and we’ll be able to find out what people’s preferences are, such as what sites would be ideal or what areas you’d like to see that we’re not considering.”

MAPA is holding a survey on its website; the results will be used to select the location of a new county intersection.

According to county officials, the objective is to accommodate growth.

It has become a very explosive area due to the influx of housing and industrial developments.

The survey is accessible on the MAPA website until August 10th.

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