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Nebraska allocates over $12 million for affordable housing projects

Omaha, Nebraska – The state of Nebraska has earmarked over $12 million for affordable housing projects across its territories. Significantly, a substantial portion, over $3 million, of this fund has been allocated to Habitat for Humanity Omaha, an organization actively involved in housing initiatives in the state.

One of the notable undertakings by Habitat Omaha is The Bluestem Prairie Development, located near 52nd and Sorensen Parkway. Originally estimated to cost around $25 million a couple of years ago, the development, due to surging prices, now requires an investment of about $30 million. The project is ambitious, with plans to provide 85 new homes, add walking and biking trails, and introduce a neighborhood park. Tracie McPherson from Habitat Omaha acknowledged the importance of the state funds, emphasizing how they will ease the financial burden of this extensive project.

Interestingly, as this new community begins to flourish, a good number of builders can be observed working rigorously during business hours. This bustling activity has already borne fruit, with seven families taking the initial leap and settling into their new homes.

However, the mission of Habitat Omaha isn’t limited to creating new homes. The organization is equally passionate about preserving and rehabilitating older neighborhoods. Of the state’s contribution, more than $800,000 is dedicated to restoring aged homes in the Omaha metro region. Lacey Studnicka of Habitat Omaha underscores the importance of this preservation endeavor. She notes that merely building new homes isn’t the solution to the housing crisis. The organization envisions a holistic approach, ensuring families can maintain their homes, age gracefully in familiar settings, and potentially pass on a legacy to the next generation.

For those residing in Sarpy County, there’s good news. Habitat Omaha has made provisions for them to apply for home repairs as well.

The financing for these endeavors springs from the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund, testifying to the state’s commitment to providing its residents with quality and affordable housing options.

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