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Omaha’s Legacy Crossing gets a new lease on life

Omaha, Nebraska – In the heart of northwest Omaha, the once-deemed unsafe Legacy Crossing apartments near 105th and Fort are now witnessing a fresh start. What was once a dilapidated structure, a concern for fire and health safety, has now sprung back to life with a fresh coat of paint, new management, and a brand-new identity – Highpoint Apartments.

Highpoint Apartments: A Phoenix Rising in Northwest Omaha

It’s a transformation worth witnessing. With phase one of the renovation nearing completion, the changes are both external and internal. Four apartment units, alongside the clubhouse, sport new siding, while the parking lot is fresh with new asphalt. But the real change lies within the walls. Every apartment at Highpoint boasts brand new interiors, fitted with modern granite countertops, cutting-edge appliances, and the convenience of an in-house washer and dryer. A stark contrast to the state it was in just a year ago when the city officials had to evacuate the residents, citing safety concerns.

“When we first came in, we had to learn what we’re working with and devise a plan in what we want to do and what we want to execute,” said Billy Meyer from Columbia Pacific Advisors, the new Seattle-based owners of Highpoint Apartments. Meyer, emphasizing the solidity of the infrastructure, stated, “The unique thing here is the sticks and the bricks. The bones of the building are very strong. ‘They don’t build them like they used to.’ It’s actually in very good shape.”

New residents are eagerly waiting to move into their brand-new units, with some even scheduled to shift as soon as Friday. However, Meyer insists on a phased move-in for the residents. “New tenants coming in, they don’t really want to be in a construction site,” Meyer explained. The idea is to ensure that the residents have a pleasant experience without the constant buzz of construction.

With housing affordability a prime concern across the nation, Highpoint Apartments promises to offer what Meyer defines as “affordable, attainable housing.” Rentals at the Highpoint range between $950 and $1,400 monthly, dependent on the apartment’s size.

As of now, 96 out of the 396 units are ready for lease under phase one. While the entire project consists of three phases, officials remain tight-lipped about the final completion timeline. Still, with the progress seen so far, the future for Highpoint Apartments and its residents seems promising.

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