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Sarpy County Personnel Board member convicted on two misdemeanor assault charges

Papillion, Nebraska – In Sarpy County, a member of the local Personnel Board, John Strawn, was put behind bars. At 61 years old, Strawn finds himself facing the consequences of his actions in a legal matter that has garnered significant attention.

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The incident at the heart of this case dates back to June 2022. It was then that Strawn was involved in a domestic violence incident, a serious issue that led to legal repercussions. The details of this incident remain a critical part of the story, as they are what led to the eventual charges and conviction.

In a recent development, John Strawn was convicted on Thursday on two misdemeanor assault charges. These charges are directly linked to the earlier domestic violence incident. His conviction marks a significant turn in the case, showcasing the legal system’s response to the charges against him.

Following his conviction, Strawn received a sentence that includes jail time and probation. He is now serving a two-month term in jail. This jail sentence is a direct result of his conviction and is a key aspect of his punishment.

However, Strawn’s time in the legal system will not end with his release from jail. After serving his two months, he will enter a probation period that will last for two years. This probation is a crucial part of his sentence, ensuring that he remains under supervision and adheres to certain conditions set by the court.

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