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Bellevue man arrested in Lancaster County after making threats to a woman

Bellevue, Nebraska – The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man they believe intended to carry out a violent act. The events that transpired not only resulted in the prevention of potential harm but also highlighted the proactive role that officers play in maintaining community safety.

Swift Action Leads to Arrest

On a regular Friday night, deputies pulled over a vehicle for a routine traffic violation – running a stop sign. However, what seemed routine quickly escalated. The deputy, noting the driver’s visible distress, inquired about her wellbeing. While the woman’s identity was not revealed to protect her privacy, the ensuing conversation between her and the officer unveiled a chilling narrative.

The driver disclosed a tumultuous altercation with 38-year-old Kevin Youngling from Bellevue, which had occasionally turned physical. As the situation worsened, Youngling allegedly began bombarding her with threatening text messages, articulating his intention to kill her. His efforts to trace her whereabouts were evident as he sent her real-time images of his location.

Deputies, acting on this critical information, located and intercepted Youngling at 120th and Nebraska Parkway. To their alarm, upon inspection, Youngling appeared intoxicated. A search of his vehicle revealed even more cause for concern: a Glock 9 mm handgun and a shotgun. Youngling was promptly arrested and is facing charges of terroristic threats, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and third-degree assault. He is currently detained in the Lancaster County Jail.

The incident culminated in a somber reflection by Chief Deputy Ben Houchin, who emphasized the potential severity of the situation. Houchin commended his team’s vigilance, stating, “We’re very happy that the deputies were out doing their jobs, making traffic stops, following up, and not just noticing that something was wrong and investigating further. They probably prevented something very horrible from happening that night.” The incident stands as a testament to the crucial role of law enforcement in ensuring public safety.

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