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Omaha Performing Arts held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Tenaska Center for Arts Engagement

Omaha, Nebraska – Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) has initiated a significant stride in the field of arts with the groundbreaking ceremony of the Tenaska Center for Arts Engagement. The project, costing a staggering $108 million, is a testament to O-pa’s dedication to furthering its reach in arts education and community engagement.

Completing the Campus and Expanding Opportunities

Positioned between the iconic Holland Performing Arts Center and Steelhouse Omaha, the Tenaska Center will serve as the crowning addition to the O-pa campus. Joan Squires, the president of Omaha Performing Arts, highlighted the need for such an establishment, stating that due to their numerous education and engagement initiatives over the years, they had “simply run out of space.” The new center is set to address this pressing issue.

O-pa has a rich tapestry of programs, from the Wolf Trap early childhood education to the Nebraska High School Theater Awards, which draws students from across the state. With other initiatives like the hip hop lab under its belt, the new center is expected to become a bustling hub for young enthusiasts. Reiterating O-pa’s strong commitment to its mission, Squires expressed that the Tenaska Center will be pivotal in allowing them to broaden their education and engagement endeavors.

The journey to this monumental day was not without its challenges. Without the robust support from Tenaska and the generous donors from the community, bringing such an ambitious project to fruition would have been a distant dream. The overwhelming positive response from the community led to the official groundbreaking ceremony, which also served as an occasion to honor and celebrate the contributors.

But the Tenaska Center is not just an addition in terms of space. As Squires pointed out, it’s an enhancement to the community’s quality of life. By bolstering the arts scene, it aims to attract and retain a skilled workforce in the region. Above all, the center aims to bring unparalleled artistic experiences to the community, ensuring that arts remain accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

With high hopes and boundless potential, the Tenaska Center for Arts Engagement is slated to open its doors in early 2026 and promises to be a welcoming space for art aficionados of all ages.

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