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Nebraska inmate sentenced for the death of a Bellevue woman passed away in prison

Bellevue, Nebraska – Nebraska’s Department of Corrections revealed in a recent announcement that Clifford Davlin, a 70-year-old inmate, passed away in prison on Saturday.

Davlin was undergoing treatment for an undisclosed medical condition, but as of Monday, the exact cause of his demise remained undetermined.

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In 2000, Davlin was handed a sentence for the heinous crime of second-degree murder in the 1993 case involving Tammi Ligenza, a Bellevue woman. The tragedy was further deepened by the fact that Ligenza, at the time of her murder, was seven months pregnant. Investigations disclosed that she had been cruelly strangled, and subsequently, her Lincoln apartment was set ablaze.

For his unspeakable acts, Davlin was serving a considerable sentence spanning 55 years to life. This sentence was a culmination of charges against him, which included second-degree murder, arson, and assault. The recent development of his death brings a chapter to a close on a case that had deeply impacted the Nebraska community.

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