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First National Bank of Omaha awards record grant amount to local organizations

Omaha, Nebraska – First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) has taken a step to further strengthen community programs in Nebraska and Western Iowa. FNBO has announced that they will be disbursing grant money to approximately 53 organizations. The allocation sees these organizations sharing a substantial amount of around $1.1 million from a total of $1.7 million earmarked for Impact Grants.

The focus of these grants is clear and community-centric. They aim to bolster programs that are dedicated to workforce development, entrepreneurship, affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, adult education, and financial literacy and security.

Two notable recipients include Habitat for Humanity in Columbus and Neighborworks of Northeast Nebraska in Norfolk, each set to receive $25,000. This initiative by FNBO is not just generous but also record-breaking, as this is the highest one-year grant amount they’ve ever awarded.

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