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Bellevue joins Omaha in welcoming Google Fiber to Nebraska

Bellevue, Nebraska – In a unanimous decision that promises to revolutionize the city’s digital landscape, Bellevue’s city council has green-lighted the introduction of Google Fiber. The tech giant’s ambition for this venture? To extend the benefits of high-speed internet to as many Bellevue residents and businesses as possible.

Google Fiber to Supercharge Bellevue’s Internet Connectivity

Fiber optic technology, as Google describes it, uses “physical strands of fiberglass” to transmit data at speeds rivalling that of light. The implications of this can be particularly significant for businesses that rely heavily on dependable internet. Steven Nickerson, who runs Affordable Computer Repair, voiced the sentiments of many when he stated, “It’d be great if I could have something, just reliable. It doesn’t even have to be fast, if it’s just reliable that’d be nice.”

Although Bellevue isn’t a newcomer to the world of fiber optics – with two companies already in the fray – Google Fiber sets itself apart with its unmatched speed. While existing providers offer a maximum of one gigabyte of service, Google plans to ramp this up by eightfold. For businesses like Steven’s, which often face internet slowdowns, the difference could be monumental. “It could be all day you know, normally in the mornings it’s probably two or three hours. You know, it’s always when you need it,” Steven lamented about the current issues.

Following in Omaha’s footsteps, Bellevue becomes the second city in Nebraska to usher in Google Fiber. This announcement has sparked significant enthusiasm among the local populace. Mayor Rusty Hike relayed the excitement, “We’re excited to have Google. I’ve had a lot of people calling, just — they’ve already heard the news and they’re just, they can’t believe we’re getting it.”

A collaboration a year in the making, Mayor Hike emphasized the growing necessity for enhanced internet speed. “With more and more people using smart appliances in their home and everything, the demand for higher speed internet has kind of gone through the roof,” he observed.

Bellevue residents will, however, need to exercise a little more patience. Even though the fiber optic plans have secured approval, it’s expected to be a two-year wait before the network becomes operational in Bellevue. The initial phases of planning are currently underway, with residents and businesses being able to register their interest by late spring. As the digital age progresses, initiatives like these underscore the importance of keeping cities connected and businesses running at light speed.

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