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Two dads write a new story for Bellevue book lovers

Bellevue, Nebraska – Bellevue, a city that saw its last local bookstore close over a decade ago, is about to witness a fresh chapter in its reading culture. Two passionate metro dads, Fearless Cummings and Andile Mahlangeni-Byndon, have taken it upon themselves to rekindle the city’s love for books. Their brainchild, “2 Dads and a Bookstore,” is ready to open its doors and welcome readers of all ages.

Both Cummings and Mahlangeni-Byndon share a spirited passion for reading and a belief in the transformative power of books. With close to 4,000 books on offer, from an eclectic mix of genres and authors, they envisage a hub where the comforting scent of freshly-popped popcorn mingles with the rustle of turning pages. Their vision goes beyond a conventional bookstore, sidestepping silence for a warm, vibrant atmosphere where readers can discuss their latest finds or timeless favorites.

But this venture isn’t just about the books on the shelves. Mahlangeni-Byndon emphasizes the shortcomings of bookstores that solely focus on selling books, attributing the decline of some shops to this narrow view. The co-owners envision a space that extends beyond mere transactions, offering events and forums that further knit the community together through shared literary experiences.

Cummings, who has an impressive personal record of devouring one book per day, and Mahlangeni-Byndon, who amassed a significant collection of women’s literature in South Dakota and additional titles from estate sales, see books as problem solvers and timeless counselors. Their belief: “No matter what problems you have, there’s not a book out there that couldn’t solve it. If you want to learn anything there’s a book that can help you. If you’re going through something horrible, there’s 1,001 people who have probably written about it.”

2 Dads and a Bookstore, located at 1015 Galvin Road South, eagerly opens its doors to fellow book lovers and community members on Saturday, October 14th, at 10 a.m., inviting them not just to explore new worlds through reading, but to rekindle the offline connections that enhance the joy found within the pages of a good book.

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