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One Omaha offers mini-grants to boost local community projects

Omaha, Nebraska – Omaha residents with aspirations to boost their communities can look forward to some financial assistance. One Omaha, a prominent metro nonprofit, has stepped forward to back local initiatives. They are set to offer mini-grants, ranging from $500 to $1,000, tailored to fuel community-based projects.

Empowering Local Initiatives

Starting Monday, applications for these grants will be accepted. The initiative is not limited to any specific sector but aims to uplift any project that seeks to foster unity and enhance neighborhood strength. Explaining the criteria, Alex O’Hanlon, One Omaha’s Engagement Manager, stated, “Folks who could apply for this grant is anybody that’s doing any kind of project that is bringing people together to build a stronger neighborhood.”

Eligibility is fairly straightforward. Groups hoping to avail of these grants should comprise at least three Omaha-based members. Crucially, the group’s leader should be a resident of the neighborhood where the proposed project will take place. O’Hanlon emphasized the simplicity of the process, making it accessible even for those unfamiliar with grant writing. The main focus for applicants should be to illustrate the potential impact of their project and outline the participants.

Past Success Stories

Highlighting the effectiveness of such grants, Healing Roots African Diaspora in North Omaha stands as a testament. Having been a recipient of a mini-grant in 2020, the group successfully established a garden that continues to flourish to this day. Clarice Dombeck from Healing Roots remarked on the profound impact of the grant, stating it not only helped launch the garden but also ensured its sustained activation.

More than just monetary support, these grants have a deeper impact. Dombeck credits the grant for providing her with invaluable experience and bolstering her confidence in grant writing.

To assist potential applicants, One Omaha will host an online seminar on grant writing on October 18th, 2023. Eager participants can sign up on their official website, The window for applications is limited, with a closing date set for November 19th.

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