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Bellevue City Council faces backlash over 2024 tax rate amid real estate boom

Bellevue, Nebraska – The announcement of the 2024 tax rates by Bellevue City and Sarpy County in Nebraska sparked a debate among Bellevue homeowners, leading to vocal concerns during a recent city council meeting.

Discontent Over Unchanged Levies

Residents of Bellevue expressed their concern over the decision to maintain unchanged levies, especially given the upward trend in property values. This decision has stirred worries among homeowners about their ability to afford their homes under these set rates. The outcry from these residents was evident and vocal during the Bellevue City Council meeting.

In defense of their stance, the Bellevue City Council articulated that while they have taken note of the residents’ concerns, they believe that the current tax rates are essential. The council further distanced itself from the responsibility of escalating property values, pointing fingers at the real estate market as the primary driver behind this surge.

On the other hand, the situation in Sarpy County contrasted Bellevue’s. The county experienced a smooth confirmation process for its tax rates without facing any public opposition. However, the Sarpy County Board members are not oblivious to the ramifications homeowners might face. They acknowledged the potential for an actual increment in tax bills for homeowners due to the rising property values, even if the tax rates themselves remain unchanged. This cognizance shows a shared concern across the region, even as responses and approaches differ between Bellevue City and Sarpy County.

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